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Gameopedia features a full-fledged video game database API for exporting and extracting useful game metadata, facts, and insights from our database of PC, console, and mobile games spanning 40 years!

1. Abstract

This page outlines how to access and use the Gameopedia Consumer API. The Consumer API provides access to updated information about games, releases, editions, etc. through HTTP using an XML or JSON data format.

2. Overview

The API provides read-only access to updated information about games; including, but not limited to, releases, editions, descriptions, key features, screenshots, technical specifications, classifications, etc.
Access is specified using three main elements:
These determine what information is available to a given API Consumer account. Depending on the configuration, multiple regions, countries, and datasets can be accessed.

3. Accessing data

4. XML Elements

Consumer XML/JSON AP

5. JSON Attributes

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