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Take Games Apart to Build Your Own

Every game is like a carefully prepared meal, with each ingredient, spice and garnish in the right proportions, and each added at the right time to create the best experience. What if a system allowed you to identify the recipe of such a game? What if you could create a gameplay experience with your unique blend of ingredients?

A Taxonomy for Insightful Game Design

Learn what makes a game work, and what doesn’t. Understand every aspect of a game, from its genre, theme and gameplay mechanics to its moods and vibes. Identify features shared by similar titles, and the elements that make them stand apart. 

Our Taxonomy at Work

What Kind of Racing Sim Do You Want To Make?

Both the Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo franchises are similar, and distinct, in significant ways. Whether you wish to emulate these games, or make a racing sim of your own, our system can guide you.

Why Redfall Didn’t Rise to the Top

Redfall developer Arkane promised that the game would be true to the studio’s signature style, offering an authentic ‘Arkane experience’. But the game isn’t the unique brew Arkane is known for – especially in its tone and vibes.

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