Achieve true hyper-personalization with effective contextual ad campaigns that get the right message to the right audience.

Improve ad content, targeting, and audience segmentation with detailed, up-to-date video game metadata
for 180,000+ games across mobile, consoles, and PC.

Why Advertisers Need Our Data

  • Create impactful display ads with high-quality artwork and videos.
  • Improve contextual advertising by targeting the right audience with the right ad at the right place.
  • Achieve true hyper-personalization by supercharging audience micro-segmentation.

Data for Advertisers

Media Facts for Advertising

  • Titles & Alternate Titles
  • Accurate Game Descriptions
  • Key Features
  • Website & Accurate Social Media Links
  • Official Age Ratings & Descriptors (ESRB, PEGI USK, OFLC, CERO, iOS App Store, Google Play Store)
  • Genre
  • Sub-Genre
  • Theme
  • Main Perspective
  • Descriptive Genre
  • Genre Mixes
  • Concepts & Features
  • Narrative Tropes
  • Meta Settings
  • Game Entities
  • Licenses
  • Graphical Style
  • Violence
  • Sexual Content
  • Cover Art & Video Trailers
  • HD Screenshots
  • HD Videos

Improve Ad Conversions With Gamer Personas​

Our database combines actionable insights with detailed gamer profiles and stores data to give you a holistic view of customer behavior and preferences. Matching gamer profiles with in-game features and content allow you to create truly personalized recommendations at a larger scale than imagined.

Why Advertisers Trust Our Data

Cost and Time Efficient

Outsourcing your data sourcing and management for ads to us frees you to focus on your core competencies and lines of business.

On-Demand Data Delivery

Our team is primed and poised to quickly meet real-time client requests for specific data with aggressive turn-around-time. Based on the user data you have and integrating our gaming persona data, we can do justice with accurate real-time content support.

Extensive Reach

Consisting of games content, videos, cover art & trailers with accurate classifications from every corner of the world, our repository is one of the most comprehensive collections of video game metadata, facts, and information.


From digital data integrations to product support, our globally responsive team delivers personalized packaging, platform, and tools to meet your data needs.

Seamless Uniformity

Our video game database has been curated in a standardized format to ensure consistency, accuracy, and continuity of data across each listing. So no more ineffective Ads and wastage of PPC budgets. 

Quality Care

Gameopedia’s team of experts has over 200 years of collective core gaming experience. Our passion for gaming drives our commitment to a superior product and an elevated user experience for our clients. We will enable your advertisement to a personal extent, what we would love ourselves as gamers.