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Refine customer experiences and product discovery by displaying relevant content, media, and recommendations
powered by a database spanning 40 years and 200+ platforms.

Sample Data for e-Retailers & App Stores

The Data We Provide

  • Developer & Publisher
  • Distribution
  • Platforms
  • Theme
  • Genre Mix
  • Genre
  • Sub-Genre
  • Reviews & Scores
  • Main Perspective
  • Graphic Technology
  • Key Features
  • Online Attributes
  • Minimum System Requirements
  • Recommended System Requirements
  • Bar Code

Why Retailers Need Our Data

  • Improve website traffic and visibility with informative and SEO-friendly game descriptions and information.
  • Avoid the hassle of setting up and maintaining your own database and curation process.
  • Improve existing personalization and product discovery with detailed descriptive tags and metadata.
  • Ensure consistency and accuracy of game information across all channels.

Why Retailers Trust Our Data

Cost and Time Efficient

Outsourcing your data collection and management to us frees you to focus on your core competencies and lines of business.

On-Demand Data Delivery

Our team is primed and poised to quickly meet real-time client requests for specific data with aggressive turn-around-time.

Extensive Reach

Consisting of games from every corner of the world, our repository is one of the most comprehensive, professionally-curated collections of video game metadata, facts, and information.

Seamless Uniformity

Our video game database has been curated in a standardized format to ensure consistency, accuracy, and continuity of data across each listing.

Quality Care

Gameopedia’s team of experts has over 200 years of collective core gaming experience. Our passion for gaming drives our commitment to a superior product and an elevated user experience for our clients.