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What’s in a Game?

Our pioneering, industry-defining taxonomy framework was built from the ground up to tear down games and see what makes them tick. We consistently grow our system to meet the needs of the industry, our clients, and gamers. Game developers can leverage our system to make better games, well-suited to their target audience, and game sellers can use it to make precise recommendations to users and boost conversions.

Qualify and Quantify : How we Classify Games

Tearing Down Halo Infinite: What, Where and How

How our Taxonomy Empowers the World of Gaming

Cutting Edge Game Taxonomy

 We constantly update our system to make sure it's cutting edge, and captures the latest trends and game features that have achieved popularity in the game industry.


Our experts are trained on a structured framework with built-in quality checks to ensure that our data is always consistent, standardized and applicable at scale. 

In-Depth Game Teardown

We maintain depth across all our games without compromising quality with hand-curated data, using more than 20000 data points to tag games.


We identify every feature in a game, and also assess its prevalence and significance, helping users choose the right games based on the features they prefer. 


We have created an industry-defining framework that can be used across the industry, from consumers and retailers to game developers to publishers. 

To learn about how our taxonomy can power game design, visit this page. For a detailed look at our taxonomy and its various use cases, read our blog

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