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Stay Ahead of The Curve with Our Industry-Defining Game Classification Framework

A living game taxonomy framework designed and optimized by a team of industry experts and influencers. Understand games at every level, from broad categories like genres, sub-genres, and themes to specifics about level design, meta-setting, monetization and much more.

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Gameopedia’s proprietary game taxonomy framework comprises of over 13,000 tags across 70+ categories. Don’t just identify a feature but go one step further to quantify its presence and importance in the game.

From foundational aspects like theme, art style, and core gameplay loop to genre-specific mechanics and systems, our in-depth game breakdowns provide unparalleled insights into a game’s anatomy.

From Game Reveal to Release Date and Beyond

Cutting Edge Game Taxonomy

Continuously optimized to capture the latest trends, tropes and features


Combine the latest in AI tech with human expertise to ensure high-quality and accurate analyses

In-Depth Game Teardown

Over 13,000 possible tags across 70+ categories describing every aspect of the game


Industry defining framework designed to identify and quantify every feature in a game


Our taxonomy is designed for consistency and is easily consumable across the gaming ecosystem

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Online Stores & DDPs

To increase conversions by predicting demand & measuring audiences


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Game Developers & Publishers

To analyze the competition, market sentiment and your own audiences

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To make smarter business decisions by analyzing community trends