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Our exhaustive database consists of over 5 million game facts and insights spanning 40 years and 200+ platforms.
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Gameopedia’s database serves every sector of the industry with SEO-friendly game descriptions, facts, detailed game breakdowns, screenshots, videos, and trailers. 

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Extensive Coverage

Localized content across 4 continents with relevant up to date insights.

Comprehensive Database of Video Game Metadata
Comprehensive Database

Game Data from over 180,000 games across PC, Console, and Mobile.

SEO Optimized Video Game Metadata
Search Engine Optimized

In-depth game facts and information optimized for SEO and discoverability.

Uniformity Across Channels
Uniformity Across Channels

Standardized data to ensure consistency, accuracy, and continuity of data.

Seamless Integration

Custom APIs that are tailored to scale with your business.

Where Our
Game Metadata
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Online Stores & DDPs

To improve product visibility and sales through SEO optimized metadata.


To boost click-through with
contextual ad targeting.

Game Developers & Publishers

To analyze the competition, market sentiment, and your own audience.

Customized Data

To solve diverse business needs with tailor-made solutions.

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