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Game Data that Holds Value and Creates Value

We follow two key rules when we collect data: accuracy and value for customers and end-users. Our expert-curated data, gathered from trusted sources, comprises game summaries, analyses, screenshots, videos, trailers and more. 

This empowers clients such as e-retailers, gaming platforms, and search providers to offer the most objective and current information to their users, boosting site engagement and conversions. 

A Treasury of Information. For You

Our data is hand-curated by experts, consistent, scalable and fast. We anticipate market trends to collect data that will prove valuable, and our curated data can power search and recommendations. And we always listen to our customers – we collect the data you want, and deliver it in the manner you want. 

Why our Data Transcends the Curve

Comprehensive Database of Video Game Metadata
Comprehensive Database

Localized data across 4 continents with relevant up to date insights.

Extensive Coverage
Data Across Platforms

We cover over 180,000 games across PC, Console and Mobile.

Rigorous Research

Experts check every marketed game info to determine its veracity.

In-Depth Sentiment Analysis
Anticipating Trends

We consistently enhance our database with data the market values.

Seamless Integration
Custom Delivery

Use our scalable API or choose the data delivery method you prefer.

Looking for custom game data solutions for powering your business decisions? Talk to our game data experts or email us at [email protected].