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Since 2008, we have been empowering the gaming eco-system with real-time access to the most comprehensive living library of video game metadata. From facts, analyses and insights to high definition videos and images, our database is leveraged by tech giants across the globe to fuel millions of consumer decisions every day.
Empowering the Gaming Ecosystem
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To revolutionize how video games are discovered and perceived

Our Mission

To enable better decision making by empowering businesses and consumers with the right data

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Defining The Way We Work

Our Team

At The Heart Of Gameopedia

Frode Krisner

Founder & CEO

Karan Madon

Director of Operations

Piyush Raj

GM - Business Development

Asit Kumar Sahoo

Manager - Human Resource

Shrutesh Kumar

Head - Game Analysis

Shourodipto Bose

Head - Data Curation

Mohit Singh

Senior Software Engineer

Venkateswarlu Chowdari

Senior Software Engineer

Prashant VR

Manager - Data Curation

Ranjith Desai

Lead - Data Science

Pradipta Kumar Bhuyan

Head - Data Quality

Abhilash Ravindran

Manager - Game Analysis

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