Join Gameopedia Hackathon: Innovate in Gaming Tech

Gameopedia Hackathon: Coding Creativity

4 great teams. 4 great ideas. 48 hours to build and present a live, working demo. Gameopedia’s Hackathon was a playground for innovation where we explored the frontiers of today’s top tech to solve real-world problems in the gaming industry.

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A Mission With A Vision: Building Tangible Solutions That Work

Our hackathon is a chance for Gameopedians to transform a bright idea into a functional product that can solve real-world problems that plague the gaming industry. 

This is why a live working demo is required to be eligible for a prize. Our hackathon is meant to yield working products that solve the industry problems they seek to address.

Frode Krisner (CEO)

Utilising the hottest technology, we will innovate further in our pursuit of the wisest gaming data. This will enable more exciting user journeys and fast-track our goal of offering gamers transformative experiences and businesses unparalleled service. We thrive on pairing cutting-edge technology with our team of top gaming experts. Let’s go have some hackariffic fun while pushing the envelope further forward.

Fostering Innovative Solutions for Industry Challenges

On Jan 19, select Gameopedians embarked on a 48-hour marathon to boost our tech stack. Their work will empower clients and help guide gamers to their favourite games.

Gameopedia's Aces: Winners Who Transformed Gaming Data!

The winners of Gameopedia’s hackathon are Team Mavericks: The Mavericks built a functional demo in 48 hours and the judges were unanimous in giving them the prize.

But every team is a winner. We wish to develop all the ideas the Hackathon yielded because of the promise they hold not just for us but for industry-wide problems.

Team Mavericks: Harshal Khandway, Manideep Bangaru, Vaishnavi Bonala, Rakesh Kurakula, Shikha Upadhyay